Kenneth Yellowe
Kenneth Yellowe: A product from the heart of Africa

Kenneth Yellowe,” a Nigerian columnist wrote, “spent 10 years developing a plant capable of producing LPG out of gas previously burned off in air-polluting flares. That is a product from the heart of Africa.”

In the column, the author talks about Nigerians who have made contributions to their present communities, outside of Nigeria. In addition to achieving success for themselves, their positive actions are described as something that is also beneficial to other Nigerians and to Africa as a nation.

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According to the columnist, it falls upon Nigerians abroad to show their neighbors in foreign communities what a Nigerian truly is, shaping perceptions and correcting misunderstandings in doing so. And one of the examples of the Nigerians abroad who have made significant impact on this end is Kenneth Yellowe, who has made a tremendous contribution not only to the economy of his community through his profession but also to the liberation of all Nigerians from the negative image of them perpetuated in the media.

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Yellowe is the CEO of Global Energy USA, Inc., a Houston-based energy company and a subsidiary of the oil and gas giant Shell Oil. Currently, the company distinguishes itself from other oil and gas producers with its implementation of energy efficient methods.

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